Which Style T-shirt Is Best For You?

T-shirts come in all different shapes and sizes and I like to wear different fits of t-shirts depending on What I am wearing the t-shirt with. So, in this video, I wanted to talk about when I’d choose to wear a fitted t-shirt, a regular fit t-shirt or an oversized t-shirt and my reasons why. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion, and the advice I am going to give you is based on my personal style and the way I like to do things, so feel free to adapt any of the tips to suit your own style.

The first t-shirt style I am going to talk about is the slim or more fitted tee. This t-shirt has a snug fit with shorter and more fitted sleeves. As this t-shirt sits so close to the body, I like to go for one made from soft and more lightweight materials so it is comfortable against my skin.

These are the kinds of tees that I wear as an undershirt or tucked in and very rarely on their own. As they sit so close to the body, the material doesn’t gather when worn underneath a sweatshirt, for example, making them the perfect layering piece. You don’t want to have any lumps or bumps underneath your sweater because it can look a little odd. That’s what makes the vest such a great undershirt because it sits close to the body and is normally made from soft and thinner materials.

The slim fit shirt is also the one I would choose to wear if I wanted to wear it tucked in. Because there isn’t much excess material, you get a clean finish when it’s tucked into your trousers and I like the way it hugs the body more.

So if you are looking for an undershirt or a tee to wear tucked in, the slimmer fitting t-shirt is a great option to go for.

Next, we have the regular fitting t-shirt. This tee has a slightly more relaxed look with slightly longer and looser sleeves. The regular t-shirt is a bit of an all-rounder, as you can wear it pretty much however you want. It looks great worn on its own but it’s still not too big and baggy to wear underneath a sweatshirt or under a jacket.

This style of tee looks great in any material, however, I normally choose a heavyweight material because I prefer the way it sits on my body. If you are unsure about whether to go for heavyweight or lightweight material, then some brands do offer midweight tees, which gives you the best of both.

The last kind of t-shirt I wear is the oversized t-shirt. This type of tee usually has looser and longer fitting sleeves than the other two tees and a boxy fit in the body. These t-shirts are a great option to opt for when it’s too hot for layers but you want to add some character to your look. As these tees are very loose-fitting, I like to buy them in a heavyweight material so they hold their shape better.

The oversized tees, however, are not the best for wearing as an undershirt. The excess material tends to gather underneath and create lumps and bumps under whatever you are wearing, which isn’t a great look. If you do want to wear an oversized tee as an undershirt, I would make sure the item you are wearing over the top of it is bigger and baggier than the tee itself so it doesn’t squeeze in the excess material.

I also don’t like to wear the oversized tee tucked in because of the wide fit and looser and longer sleeves. I think it looks a little sloppy but that’s just me. Sometimes oversized tees paired with very oversized trousers can look a little too much for my liking, so I tend to wear them with more regular or slightly relaxed trouser instead.

So if you live in a hot country where layering is out of the question, why not try an oversized tee for a more fashion-forward look.


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