My Peaceful Weekday Morning Routine

Hello. I hope you are having a good day today!

I decided to make a short film on my weekday morning routine. I decided to keep it a silent film as I found it had a lot more of a peaceful feel to it. I am definitely a morning person and I absolutely love getting up early and getting started with the day as soon as I wake up.

I keep things very simple in my life and especially in the morning. I get my exercise out the way first thing as it helps me wake me up and makes me feel more energised and productive throughout the day. I find by not giving myself time to think if I want to exercise or not and just get on with it as soon as I get up, it means I always get it done and don’t have time to try and resist the thought of exercise. I do absolutely love exercising and I couldn’t live without it but the longer I leave it and the more time I have to think about it, the more I tend to put off doing it. I never miss a day of exercise in the week. The weekend is when I give my body time to recover and rest.

After this routine I then start my working day. I like to start work by 8:30am and 9:00am at the absolute latest. As I work from home and for myself, I make sure that I always stick to this routine as it keeps things running smoothly throughout the working week.

I do this routine Monday – Friday every week. The only variation I do is with the type of exercise. I go to the gym 3 of the days and for a run on the other 2 days. I also tend to have my first meal of the day at 12:00pm, which is why you do not see me eating in this video.

I I absolutely loved making this video and I definitely want to do more like this on my channel. Let me know what you thought and thanks for taking the time to watch.

I hope you enjoyed getting up with me and have a great rest of your day!








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