How To Keep Your Sneakers White And Make Them Last Longer

So you want to know how to keep your sneakers white and make them last longer? You have splashed the cash on some fancy white sneakers but you are worried about getting them dirty or ruining them. Don’t worry, I have you covered. In this video, I talk about how you can keep your sneakers white and how to extend their life to make them last longer.

Even though sneakers are sneakers, the way you care for them depends heavily on the materials used, and I go through different ways to care for different materials in the video. I run through various ways of how to clean your sneakers, stop them from creasing, keeping them white, how to store them, how to stop the soles going yellow and more in-depth information that will stop you worrying so much when you take those white kicks out for a spin.

Video By Sam Axlr for making your own sneaker shields –

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