Converse Chuck Taylor High Top vs Low Top

So, here we are with another Converse Chuck Taylor video. You guys seem to love these shoes and I get asked often on the channel which is better between the high top and the low top. Rather than answer the same question over and over, I thought it was time I made a video to help you decide.

In the video, I weigh up the pros and cons of both shoes, show you styling examples and on-feet shots. I have a side by side comparison of the high top and the low top towards the end of the video, so if you are still unsure, hopefully, that will help you decide. I talk about the versatility of each shoe, which is more comfortable and which is going to give you the most wear.

As I own both the high top and the low top in the Converse Chuck Taylor’s, I thought I would let you know which I would choose if I had to choose between the two. It was a hard decision as I love both the low top and the high top but there is a winner for me and my style right now.

The two shoes in the video are the Chuck Taylor 70 in the parchment colourway.

Items in the video (some are affiliate links)

High tops –
Low tops –
Trousers –
Jacket –
T-shirt –
Socks –