BAD News For These Jordans! Nike Selling Jordan 1s For $1,500 & More

0:00 Release Recap
0:51 Jordan 1 Black Toe Reimagined NOT DROPPING
1:49 UPDATE Jordan 11 Neapolitan
2:04 PSG x Jordan 2023 Release
2:28 Jordan 4 Craft Olive Canvas
3:01 Jordan Jt1 Archer Avenue
3:30 More Tom Sachs x Nike GPS Coming
4:23 Heineken x Nike 2023 Might Disappoint…
5:33 Jordan Is Going To Sell Jordan 1s For $1500!
7:52 Nike Dunk Update
8:22 These Nike Collab Sneakers Look Comfy
9:03 Tiffany & Co x Nike Got People Mad
10:31 Jordan 1 Washed Heratage
10:50 Drake Has Lost His Mind
12:05 Jordan 13 Black Flint
12:32 Nike Changes SB Dunk Box
13:01 Foam Shoes Inspired By Pokemon
13:39 MrBailey x Adidas SOON
14:10 Nike Terminator Low Liberte
14:38 Jordan 1 Travis Scott Olive Pushed
15:21 Sneakercon Bans Mystery Boxes
16:39 Nike Does It AGAIN!
17:48 JD Sports Gets Hacked

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